Polaris World Flyscreens

Normal sliding systems are not suitable for polaris world patio door frames, taking this account we have therefore designed a unique system which gives 100% protection against all insects.

Retractable roller fly screens can be also be fitted to windows, our sliding door systems are rugged and robust enough for constant entry and exit.

A normal sliding fly screen is not designed to cope with constant use as a door. Our frames and wheel units are the same as a normal patio door and will last for many years. 

We build the only bespoke designed fly screens for Polaris World properties.

The design of the Polaris World resorts doors and windows brought with it a problem that needed a solution. The problem was how to integrate our fly screens to both doors and windows and still keep everything looking as though it is part of the building and not an add on.

This is where Kevins fly screens came in and designed a range of screens that are specific to Polaris World properties only. The final result is a seamless integration of our screens into an existing build.